Admission, Course Registration, and Fees

Admission and Registration

♦ New Students

  • Take the placement test to determine your starting level* in the program.
  • Submit your application to the program.
    • Application deadline is June 12.
    • You are applying to the Certificate in French Proficiency (CFP).
  • Register and pay for courses once admitted. Tuition payment is required at time of registration.

*Generally, students scoring with an intermediate knowledge of French will start with FRAN 1213, 1223. Students with an advanced knowledge of French will start with French 2013, 2023. In exceptional cases, students with little or no knowledge of French may be placed in FRAN 1113/1123 (true beginners), but must in this case complete 39 credit-hours (1113, 1123 and 1213). It is advisable to discuss your starting level before registering.

♦ Current/Returning Students

If you are unsure about course selection, please refer to the course offerings for the upcoming session, or contact us for assistance.

Register here. The registration deadline is June 23. 


For a list of our most current fees, visit our fees page.

It is also your responsibility to pay all fees at the time of registration; we are not able to process forms without proper payment. A seat will be reserved for you only when payment has been received in full.


  • Students registered in graduate programs will be charged graduate tuition fees.
  • Returning students will not be charged the $40.00 admission fee again unless 24 months have lapsed since your completed a course.
  • Textbook fees are extra. Textbooks should be ordered at least three weeks in advance. Contact Cathy Morine-Collins at or 902 585 1483 for more information.

Questions or more information?

Registrar's Office
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