Program of Proficiency

PROGRAMME DE COMPÉTENCE EN FRANÇAIS (for undergraduate students)

The goal of this program is to enable students to acquire a functional command of French by upgrading the four basic language skills over a four-year period. FUNCTIONING in a language means that you can perform fluently and accuartely in everyday situations (when ordering a meal, booking a hotel room etc.), as well as express your opinon, engage in discussions, write an application letter for a job, draw up a résumé, etc.

Students who aquire a FUNCTIONAL command of French are nore likely to qualify for jobs in government, tourism, retail, travel services, law, journalism, and many other fields where communication plays an important role.


The program normally consists of 21h of French courses:

2013/2023, 2713 or 3733, 2153/2163, and 3153/3163. In cases where advanced students are placed directly into Fran 3153/63, the requirement to take Fran 2153/63 will be waived.

An external, internationally recognized examination follows the termination of the last course in the sequence. A maximum of 6h may be transferred from another program.

The French Studies section provides a Residence (La Maison française) where only French is spoken for students who desire maximum access to a francophone environment.