Teaching Assistants in France

For the last thirty-five (or so) years, Acadia has been fortunate to enjoy the benefits of two bilateral exchange agreements with universities in France.  Each year, these agreements allow two graduating French majors from Acadia to take up paid positions as English Language Teaching assistants at the universities of Rouen and Poitiers.  In return, Acadia receives a graduating student from each of those institutions to work in the French unit at Acadia, teaching courses and organising French-language activities for the campus and larger community.  The work-year in France provides a unique opportunity for Acadia French majors to hone their French language skills and immerse themselves in French culture while gaining valuable employment experience in the field of education.

The French unit is proud to announce the names of the two students nominated to these positions for the 2017-18 academic session:
Rachel Chabot (Canadian, living in Greenville, South Carolina)
Vanessa Steinmann (Blackriver Bridge, New Brunswick)

Emily Gaunce (Saint John, New Brunswick)
Suzanne Gray (Hubley, Nova Scotia)


Benn Boutilier

Tommy Durepos-Boudreau