TCF - Test de connaissance du français

The TCF is a standardized and calibrated French language proficiency test that ranks candidates on one of six levels (élémentaire to supérieur avancé) on a scale defined by the Council of Europe (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). TCF score results are reliable measures of language proficiency. The test targets a clientele that wishes to know its level of French proficiency for personal, professional, or educational purposes.  All test marking is centralized at the CIEP (Centre International d’études pédagogiques) in France, a public institution that works towards international educational cooperation within the French Ministry of Education.

TCF results can be compared to a linguistic photograph of proficiency at the time of testing. The three compulsory sections of the TCF (which last a total of about 1 ½ hours) include: Reading Comprehension, Command of Language Structures, and Listening Comprehension.

Any person over 16 years of age may register to take the TCF.

For more information on the TCF, visit the website. Anyone considering taking the test should consult the handbook for candidates which is available there (click on TCF pour le public). The Centre international d’études pédagogiques (CIEP) and TV5MONDE also propose free training sessions and test simulations on the TV5MONDE website dedicated to learning French, Apprendre.TV. You can download this material from the CIEP website, or directly from the TV5 website.